• Vietnamese Salmon Sandwich

    Vietnamese Sandwich stuffed with carrots , cucumber, bean sprouts, crushed peanuts, cilantro, mint, lettuce, 5 spiced salmon, fried shallots, our sweet chili house made dressing and a cilantro cream on a baguette. *Vegan option

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Discover Around the world foods, as well as American regional foods in your home.

By one of the most experimental chefs in town

Whether you’re dining at a restaurant or choosing a meal delivery service, most chefs are not concerned with optimizing the nutritional value in foods while keeping the integrity of the rich flavors in traditional cuisine. Bethlyn's around the world experience has equipped her with the knowledge and experience to cook a vast array of cuisines. SHE has 15 years cooking in restaurants, as well as cooking privately in homes.  

Bethlyn's education and devotion to nutrition also provides him the necessary knowledge to work with varying dietary restrictions. 

She vows to you that eating healthy should never come at the expense of compromised flavor.


Featured Videos

Bethlyn at Brokentop Bottle Shop

In 2004 Bethlyn won "Best Vegetarian Cuisine in Bend" for the Brokentop Bottle Shop.  This video features a all-vegan entre called the Vegan Eggplant Stack that was a very popular vegan item at the Brokentop Bottle Shop.

Vegetarian Cuisine at Brokentop Bottle Shop

This video features a specialty nachos containing a Cuban black bean chile with an edamame, avacado guacamole.