Private Chef Services

Complete Gourmet Meal

I offer you quality, gourmet meals served in your home or other facility.   So I can do single meal events, multiple days for families and groups, and medium-sized events.    I work directly with you to create the atmosphere and foods you want for the perfect experience.

Food is my passion, so it is my strong desire to create the best possible dishes for your special meal. Most people enjoy having a private chef in their kitchen for a couple of hours, but these meals take me an entire day to prepare. For this reason, I prepare most of the foods in my kitchen and then bring them to your kitchen for final cooking, finishing and serving. This ensures freshness, quality, consistency & me not being at your house all day.  And, because of our current COVID-19 situation, it may be the best choice for me to bring fully prepared meals to your home for a simple finishing and service.

Pricing For Single Meal Services

I like to offer simple, all-inclusive pricing so you can easily determine what will work best for your budget and your particular needs.

  • Breakfast runs $40-55 per person, depending on final menu selections, and

  • Lunch runs $55-70 per person, depending on final menu selections, and

  • Dinner : A 3-Course Meal (choosing from the menus listed) is $80 per person

  • Additional pricing for choosing items in the “higher tier” sections (see pricing next to items)
    Additional Servers Required for parties larger than 8 people, $200 additional
    Plate & Party Rentals Available as needed

What’s Included with my Single Meal Services

I can offer you whatever you like, but here are some of our most popular options:

  • Breakfasts are typically 3-4 items, served with fresh juices and coffee/tea service.

  • Lunches are usually 2-3 items, depending on your desires.

  • Dinner service commonly consists of 3 courses: Appetizers, Entrée with Side Dishes & Dessert.

    • For parties of 7 or less, I offer you a choice of 1 appetizer, 1 entrée, 2 side dishes & 1 dessert.

    • For groups of 8 or more, I offer you a choice of 2 appetizers, 2 entrées, 2 side dishes & 1 dessert.

My service includes all food as well as food preparation, serving and clean up.  So your kitchen will look better than I found it, and you will very likely have leftovers packed for you in your fridge.

If you have requests for dishes or dietary needs that are not on this menu, I can do my best to customize in order to accommodate any additional wants or needs for your party.

I can serve these meals to you in one of three ways:

  • Plate & Serve (I will plate the dishes and serve for full presentation)

  • Family-Style (I place the food on platters at your table for pass around)

  • Buffet-Style (We set up an elegant buffet-style service using chafers and platters)